Janet Wood is York’s only fully qualified and comprehensively trained Movement Practitioner who is Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and  Polestar Pilates International.  Along with her Mastery in Classical Pilates, Essential Somatics, Strength Conditioning and Advanced Sports Massage she provides a unique approach to training, injury intervention and  rehabilitation.


Janet has worked and trained with some of the industries top Pilates Movement Practitioners, athletics and endurance athletes as well as experts and educators in the field of human movement (kinesiology) and is pleased to bring her knowledge into the foreground and share it with like minded professionals.

Her work also embraces the training and development of student teachers as she assists in the mentoring, education and development of new Pilates and Movement instructors. Janet provides tutoring packages for student observation, practice hours, apprentice teaching and theory revision for students of all Pilates backgrounds.

She also holds multiple certifications that have brought her to a preferred level as a Pilates Practitioner. As a Sports Massage Therapist, Biomechanics Specialist and licensed Athletics Coach she also trains with and coaches individuals and groups for 10k’s up to ultra distances in running.

As a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist she specialises in Injury Intervention and also combines Soft Tissue Release into her work as Pilates Practitioner.

Having expanded from working in a Physiotherapy Practice in York, Janet is now happy to announce that she will continue to hold a monthly Physiotherapy Clinic in her Studio with Jeroen Suur, Chartered Physiotherapist from Jorvic Physiotherapy.

Janet organises several workshops a year focusing in on specific topics such as Pilates for Athletes, Pilates for Back Care and Neuromuscular conditions, Pilates for Dementia, Cognitive or Visual Impairments. Somatics, Functional Movement training, and much much more.

Janet earned a  Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Texas with post graduate work in Physiotherapy, Biomechanics and Human Movement and holds a ITEC Advanced Qualification in Sports Massage and is a Somatics Exercise coach.  A former athlete, musician and artist, she has worked in the field of exercise for cognitive functioning and practiced and taught various forms of movement education for over 20 years.

Her goal is to help you pursue your potential in your unique quest to improve your mind and body.